Thomas van der Krogt documents the Corona Crisis through urban sketching and journalism..

Corona diaries march 2020

Infections here almost doubled overnight. Numbers not huge yet but enough to get people to line up in the early hours of the morning to get tested. "Windows up, car running and present drivers license"
The city declared a state of emergency yesterday. No groups over 50, no gatherings and stay indoors. I often find myself wondering how much of what the media tells us is accurate. It's either 1. Pulled entirely out of proportion and the people that were already weak and dying are going to anyway. Or, 2. It's actually much worse then we know and a large portion of the population will actually be very affected by this. I teeter totter through emotions. Better safe then sorry I suppose, so I walk over to the sink and wash my hands for the twentieth time this hour. Water from the faucet runs over my cracked, red skin. Skin that reminds me of dried up earth. My thoughts go off on a tangent where I imagine a future where we all live underground as the virus rages on above.
The situation changes literally daily and I find myself wondering what the new normal will be once this is all said and done. Will the kids go back to school? Or seeing how now all their classes are online will schools be obsolete? How about concerts? Picnics?
The news is on tv. They're talking about Spain and how the army went into some homes for the elderly...they found them abandoned..some died...some severely sick...some choice to you stay to care for people that sometimes dont have anybody to care for them anymore...or do you run? Save yourself and hide indoors. Such a dichotomy! Weird how crisis brings people together but tears them apart at the same time.
Crazy fuckery this world is.

9x12 pen and ink on 300 gsm watercolor paper